Spring Retreat 2019: Music, Mantra & Vinyasa

with Andrea Creel & Ben Wolfgang

Our spring retreat to Galleywinter Farm was a huge success! See below for photos and reviews!

“the right balance of classes, from mantra to flow to relaxation/restorative. The yoga was very accessible. And the music was fantastic.”

“This was the perfect mix of different activities. I had been concerned that I wouldn't be strong enough for so much yoga, but I had no problems and was able to fully participate, listening to my body, as Andrea reminded us. The other activities were a perfect complement to the asanas, providing a more complete and whole experience.”

“Perfect mix of yoga classes, stretches and mantras. Loved it!”

“I loved [the food] and felt well nourished and sated. I never went hungry.”

“I loved the simple yet gourmet quality of the food, and how it was made just for us, right before we needed it. I appreciated Gail's attention to nutrition and health, and her ability to prepare interesting and delicious meals. I also liked how she and her assistants shared the meal with us.”

“So glad [the food] was healthy and vegetarian”This retreat provided the perfect mix of togetherness and time on our own. I also appreciated that every part of the retreat was optional. Andrea was sensitive to the needs of the participants and crafted a weekend that made it possible for a group of diverse people to spend a lot of time together - and really enjoy it!

“Thank you for an amazing retreat! I'm so grateful you did this. I wish I could relive it again!!! It was the perfect blend of meditation, yoga and relaxation. The food was delicious, the company fabulous and the energy amazing.”

“Beautiful grounds, room and hospitality. Very peaceful.”

“I loved being out of town and away from the hustle-bustle of everyday life. The venue was idyllic and offered so many opportunities to explore, and just be.”