Corporate Yoga & Wellness Classes

Inspiration Yoga & Wellness offers a variety of wellness offerings that will leave your employees mentally fresh, rejuvenated, and more productive!  

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What science says about yoga at work...

Participation in a workplace mind-body stress relief program produced a decrease in perceived stress and problems with sleep, increased emotional health, improved breathing rate, heart rhythm coherence, and lowered blood pressure (McCraty, et al, 2003; Wolever et al, 2012)

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to create positive lasting changes on affect, and in brain and immune function (Davidson, et al, 2003; Holzel, et al, 2010).

Participants engaged in a workplace yoga program, reported improvement in mood, well-being, and resilience to stress after a 6 week yoga interventionin the workplace (Hartfiel,, 2011)

Workplace Wellness Offerings

lunchtime or after-work yoga classes - yoga classes can be scheduled for 30, 45, or 60 minutes during lunchtime or after-work.  Classes can be tailored to your employees needs, time constraints, and preferences as well as space constraints.  Options include chair/desk yoga, gentle flow yoga, vigorous flow yoga, or a combination of flow yoga & meditation/relaxation.  All classes end with lavender aromatherapy spray and guided relaxation.  Don't have a lot of space?  No problem! We can adapt to any office configuration!

stress relief seminars -  Inspiration Yoga & Wellness offers stress relief seminars on a range of topics including: breathing exercises to reduce stress, 5-minute relaxation techniques for the office, mindful movements to increase happiness, and more!  We can customize a stress relief seminar to meet the needs of your employees, and show participants how they can easily incorporate these stress relief techniques at work for a calmer, stress-free work environment.

lunchtime meditation mini-sessions - mini-sessions can be scheduled for 15 or 30 minutes and consist of a guided meditation practice that can be done at employees' workspaces or in a conference room setting.  Participants will leave the session feeling refreshed, focused, and calm.

Contact us today at 240.277.2683 to set up a complimentary 15-minute phone session with Inspiration Yoga & Wellness owner, Andrea Creel, so we can create the perfect wellness offering especially for your workplace!



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